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Fall Landscaping Tips to Help Protect Your Rental Property this Winter

As the weather and leaves begin to turn this Fall, not everyone immediately thinks of landscaping opportunities. But in fact, the Fall is the ideal time to complete essential outdoor maintenance to ensure your rental property stays protected and beautiful all year long. While the property owner should complete major tasks, there are several things tenants can do to protect the rental property. Join us below as we review fall landscaping tips for tenants and a few for landlords too!

Fall Landscaping Tips

During the colder months, the rental property and its landscaping are susceptible to cold temperatures that can be damaging. To prevent damage and keep your curb appeal looking its best, check out these Fall landscaping tips below –

  1. Pull Weeds

  2. Remove Leaves and Debris

  3. Protect Sensitive Plants

  4. The Final Mow

  5. Winterize Outdoor Fixtures

  6. Check Windows and Doors

  7. Avoid Pest Infestations

  8. Clean and Store All Tools

Pull Weeds

As simple as it seems, pulling weeds is an essential part of basic landscaping in any season. If not taken care of before the ground freezes, weeds can come back even stronger and more prevalent in the Spring. Also, weeds steal nutrients away from your lawn or other plants, becoming a severe problem if not dealt with early. So, look for any weeds throughout the landscaping and around the yard, and be sure to dig down and remove the roots as well.

Remove Leaves and Debris

Leaf matter can build up and stifle grass growth. Therefore, property owners should periodically rake and remove leaves or other limbs and debris from the yard. This will help keep the yard looking great but also healthier for the next spring.

Protect Sensitive Plants

Not every plant is hardy enough to survive the winter without some type of cold barrier. Thus, if landscaping around the rental home includes any sensitive perennials or shrubbery, add mulch or leaves to build up a base around the root system. This will help protect them from the sting of freezing weather.

The Final Mow

Before the first freeze, giving the lawn one last mow is critical to a great lawn in the spring. So, after clearing leaf debris, set the mower to a low setting and go over everything a final time. This helps the grass plant build up the root system and allows the soil to dry faster as the snow melts. Ultimately generating a healthier and lush green lawn.

Winterize Outdoor Fixtures

Frozen pipes are a landlord’s worst nightmare, and it is not good news for the tenant either. That said, prevention begins before the weather conditions fall below freezing. In fact, even just a small amount of water left in a pipe can freeze and crack. So, before the first freeze, turn off the water to the outside lines for the season and drain all pipes or hose bibs.

Check Windows and Doors

As the temperature drops, drafty windows or doors can make heating efficiency go out the window – literally. That said, now is the time to examine these areas for evidence of drafts, cracking, leaks, or damaged seals.

Avoid Pest Infestations

Colder weather drives pests and rodents towards homes in search of warmth and shelter. Surprisingly, rodents need only a tiny opening to infiltrate a home and wreak havoc. So, keep an eye out around the home’s exterior for any vulnerabilities such as cracks, holes, or missing screens. Ideally, patching with a metal screen will help prevent rodents from entering.

Clean and Store All Tools

Tools work better and last longer if they are taken care of properly. So, one of our most important landscaping tips for tenants is to clean and store yard tools properly. To keep tools looking great, clean off any dirt or grass clippings and lightly coat the metal surfaces of shovels and rates with oil. This can help prevent tools from rusting until you are ready to use them again in the spring.

Clean the Gutters

Leaves and debris will easily clog gutters if not periodically cleaned out. Thus, allowing water to build up and potentially cause damage along the roof and walls. Therefore, Fall is the perfect time to clean out the gutters and check for any cracking or damage.

Inspect the Roof

Limbs and debris can fall onto the yard, into the gutters, and onto the roof of homes and sheds. So, while cleaning the gutters, remove any debris from the roof as well. Moreover, take time to inspect the roof for any water damage or weakness signs and replace missing or damaged times.

Worry-free Maintenance with Professional Property Management

When it comes to outdoor or indoor rental property maintenance, the year-round to-do list can become overwhelming. Managing maintenance tasks, inspections, repairs, and other administrative tasks can occupy a huge chunk of time for property owners.

Fortunately, there is help out there for landlords bogged down by day-to-day rental responsibilities. Overland Management understands how valuable the landlord-tenant relationship is. That said, our team works diligently to assist tenants with maintenance needs, lease questions, and so much more. To find out more about our full-service property management services, give us a call today.

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