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5 Ways to Make Your Rental Feel Like a Home

Whether you are saving up to buy, need a place during a transitional time in your life or just like the perks of living more hassle free than a home-owner, renting can be great. However, one of the disadvantages are the restrictions in adding your own touch to the home, so to not cause damages or irreversible changes.

Here are 5 ways you can personalize your home.


Adding your own curtains can add color, style and your own touch to a room. You can remove the blinds, store them somewhere safe and reinstall them when you move out. This is such a simple way to transform a room!


Rugs are another great addition. A rug over old carpet or in a room with hardwood floor can add a lot of dimension to the space. Lastly, designing a gallery wall, hanging up your favorite art or hanging a large mirror can take up white wall space, add personalized style to a room, and even make it appear larger.


Although wallpaper is typically not allowed, peel-away wallpaper and wall decals are a great alternative. These types of décor don’t cause damage to the walls and are easy to use. Peel-away wallpapers or decals can add a lot of personal style and make your space feel unique.


Sometimes, rental homes are on the older side. They come with outdated fixtures or design features. Instead of trying to cover them up, or ignore it, embrace the charm and accentuate it. This will also add a personal touch and creativity.


Plants are an easy and fun way to personalize your space. The greenery of the plants adds light and life to the room. Add colorful pots and it makes it that much better! Potted plants are easy to move, so you can find the best place for them in your home.

Try the simple ideas to personalize and transform your rental house into a space that really feels like home!

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