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Boosting Your Rental Home's Curb Appeal

If you’re looking to boost your rental property’s attractiveness one of the best ways to do this is by improving curb appeal. The curb appeal of a home gives the first impression and first impressions matter, especially when it comes to attracting potential tenants.

If your property’s curb appeal is uninspiring, prospects won’t be motivated to look at what’s inside. This can potentially cost you the opportunity to rent to a great tenant. But if your property’s exterior is clean and appealing, it’s all the easier to close on a great prospect.

But does boost a property’s curb appeal have to cost an arm and a leg? Not at all! Small efforts can go a long way in encouraging prospects to view your rental home.

Here are some ideas on how to enhance your curb appeal and stand out from your competition.

Use a Bright Color

Color is often an underrated way of improving a rental property’s curb appeal. It’s also a less costly alternative when considering home improvements to boost the marketing of your property.

A brilliant splash of color can invite more attention. It also lends more interest to an otherwise ordinary home.

You don’t have to use the bright color for the entire exterior though. You can simply have a bright-colored house number plate, outside furnishings or even mailbox. These pops of color can really help your rental stand out!

You can also showcase a bright set of flowers to pull attention from passersby.

Add More Greenery

Adding more greenery to your home’s exterior can also help make the curb appeal more noticeable. Trees and flowers, in particular, can help add a dash of vibrancy to any home. The verdant atmosphere brings some peace and tranquility with it.

It’s a nice idea to get in touch with a reputable gardener and share with them any ideas you may have about your front lot. Whatever you do, though, make sure to opt for low-maintenance plants. The last thing tenants want is to be burdened with maintenance.

Step up when Incorporating Lighting

A dark entryway can be a turn-off to a prospect. This is especially true if the front door sits under long, low porches. Luckily, lighting up an entryway doesn’t have to cost much. You can stop by a hardware store, and select a new fixture. Besides illuminating the entryway, you may also want to illuminate the whole front yard.

Landscaping lights come in a variety of options, ranging from path lights and spotlights to post lights and floodlights.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint to the Property’s Exterior

Normal wear and tear are inevitable for any landlord to deal with. So, after some time, you may start to notice the paint on your property’s exterior starting to fade or peel off. If left unaddressed, your property may become unattractive and that can cost you in terms of long-term vacancies.

If the paint on your property’s exterior looks like it has seen better days, then it’s time to refresh it. Preferably, you should employ a professional painter. However simple it may look, hiring professional help can make all the difference and even improve your property’s rental value.

Power Wash Your Property Regularly

This is something that many landlords often don’t think about. However, as years go by, your home will get covered by dust, dirt, pollen, and even allergens. The same applies to sidewalks and driveways. Consequently, the surfaces get dirtier. A good power washing will help get rid of all organic debris, giving the surface a fresh, new look.

Inspect the Roof

The roof of your property won’t last a lifetime. On average, the lifespan of a roof ranges anywhere between 25 and 30 years. The following are some tips to help you gauge whether it needs repairs or total replacement depending on the severity of the problem.

  • Cooling bills have gone up.

  • Shingles or granules are missing.

  • Shingles have curled or buckled.

  • The roof is sagging.

  • The roof has outlived its usefulness.

  • There is water damage in the attic.

Being proactive about the roof can help minimize repair costs and risks of property damage or even injury.

Add some Outdoor Furniture

Adding some snappy furniture to your home’s exterior can help add a fun twist. The furniture can include a porch swing or Adirondack chairs.

Update the Mailbox

This is a feature that is often overlooked by landlords. Fortunately, upgrading a dated mailbox is an easy and relatively inexpensive task to do. A vintage-style cast-iron box, in particular, can help add an elegant touch to the look of your property’s curb appeal.

Add Some Crucial Elements of Convenience

Tenants nowadays are looking for ease and convenience. Generally speaking, a property with smart tech features will be more attractive to savvy tenants than one without. Some of the smart features that renters find desirable include keyless entry, video doorbells, automatic timers, smart bulbs, motion sensor lights, and remote unlock capability.

Bottom Line

Being a landlord means having the responsibility of properly maintaining your property for the comfort of your tenants. This includes improving your property's curb appeal.

When you improve the curb appeal, you will have an easier time attracting prospective tenants. Not to mention, if the exterior of the rental is attractive, current tenants will also be happy and will want to stay longer in your rental unit.

If you’re looking for help with boosting your rental property’s curb appeal, contact Overland Management.

We can help you with any property management task you need!

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