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Halloween Safety Tips for Your Rental Property

Ghosts, witches, zombies, and goblins run amok every Halloween, so it’s important to ensure a safe celebration for your tenants, their visitors, and your property. Chances are your tenants will be participating in events like handing out candy or taking their own kids trick-or-treating, and with people coming and going off your property during the ghoulish festivities, it’s essential to make sure all property, tenants, and guests are safe.

Chances are that at least some of your tenants are likely to hand out candy or take children on a trick-or-treating excursion this year. Unfortunately, you cannot always rely on your renters to put safety first. To ensure that your property is safe and well-prepared for the oncoming activities, implement these important safety precautions.

1. Clear walkways and sidewalks of leaves and debris

Sugar-crazed children in bulky costumes can spell disaster when combined with debris or tripping hazards. To prevent an injury from occurring on your property, ensure that all trash and maintenance equipment is properly contained and out of walkways. Be wary of organic matter causing a fall as well, trim bushes and plants to provide plenty of space on your walkway. Establish some Halloween rules by reminding your residents to keep decorations on the lawn or away from the doorway to prevent visitors from tripping. Other tripping hazards might include hoses, outdoor toys and furniture, potholes, and loose paving stones.

2. Have a Well-Lit Property

While dim lighting might add to the creepy ambiance, having a well-lit property is key to making sure your rental and guests are safe during the Halloween festivities. Extra light helps deter any troublemakers while preventing falls from trick-or-treaters.

Replace any burned-out porch lights, keep a lamp near the entrance on, and, if needed, install additional lights in the front yard to illuminate the walkway path.

3. Check trees for dead branches

Stormy weather can cause smaller (though sometimes larger) tree branches to split and fall off, so be sure to make sure the branches are secure if people are going to be walking below your property’s trees. (It’s a good Halloween safety tip that’s probably already on your fall maintenance checklist.)

4. Give Fire Safety Reminders

The spooky decor is a staple of Halloween celebrations, and this often involves candelabras, jack-o’lanterns, and other sources of open flame. While candlelight may set the mood, it can also set fire to your building. Regardless of your open flame policy, have your maintenance team verify that all smoke alarms are in working order before the festivities occur. If your lease agreement prohibits candle burning, take a moment to remind your residents of this rule. Suggest (or even provide) inexpensive flameless alternatives to guarantee happy residents and a safe Halloween.

5. Install nonslip treads on outdoor steps

Cumbersome costumes and swinging bags of candy can be a recipe for a bad fall as trick-or-treaters navigate your steps. Prevent tripping by installing non-slip stair treads and securing your railings. Spending a few dollars at the hardware store is a good investment if it keeps the neighborhood kids safe.

6. Ask residents to be mindful of pets

Unfamiliar visitors, knocking and doorbells, plus the general increase in activity, can make pets nervous. Prevent pet escapes or aggressive behavior by reminding your residents to either keep their pets away from the front door or secure them in a safe room.

Taking the steps to ensure Halloween safety is an important part of property management and owning rental properties. Remind your tenants about property rules, including quiet hours, parties, and decoration guidelines, before they have a chance to break them.

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