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Holiday Cheer and Fire Prevention

The holiday season brings warmth, joy, and a touch of magic to our homes. But amid the festivities, it's crucial to stay vigilant about fire safety. As property owners, ensuring the safety of your tenants and properties during the holidays is a top priority.

Decorate with Care

Holiday decorations can be beautiful and festive, but they can also pose fire hazards. Opt for flame-resistant decorations, and keep flammable materials like paper and fabric away from heat sources. Check lights for frayed wires and replace damaged strands.

Mind the Candles

Candles are a quintessential part of holiday decor but use them with caution. Keep candles in sturdy holders, away from curtains or flammable objects, and never leave them unattended.

Place Trees Wisely

If you have a real Christmas tree, ensure it's well-hydrated to prevent it from drying out and becoming a fire risk. Artificial trees should be labeled as fire-resistant. Place the tree away from heat sources and never block exits.

Safe Electrical Use

Inspect your property's electrical systems for any issues, and avoid overloading outlets. Use extension cords and surge protectors as needed, and unplug decorations when not in use to reduce the risk of electrical fires.

Cooking Safety

The holiday season often means more time in the kitchen. Never leave cooking unattended, and keep flammable items, like kitchen towels and wooden utensils, away from the stove. Be prepared with a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

Space Heaters

If you’re using space heaters, make sure to keep the device away from cloth and other materials. Turn off the device when it’s not in use.

Smoke Alarms and Fire Extinguishers

Ensure your rental property has working smoke and CO alarms placed in accordance with local regulations. Test them regularly, and replace the batteries as needed. Provide fire extinguishers in the kitchen and other key areas.

The holidays can quickly turn from joyful to tragic when a fire occurs. By following these fire prevention tips and measures, you can greatly reduce the risk of fire in your home and enjoy a safe holiday season.

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