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Showing Alternatives for Rental Properties During COVID-19

Across the nation, more and more neighborhoods are bouncing back from the pandemic woes of 2020. However, precautions are still needed to keep everyone safe. As a landlord, showing properties is challenging while trying to adhere to social distancing and sanitation requirements. That said, there are many showing alternatives that landlords can utilize to still conduct showings and fill units during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, continue reading below as we delve deeper into these showing alternatives, plus offer tips for conducting in-person showings.

Rental Property Showing Alternatives

Technology is a landlord’s friend in so many ways, including going virtual for showing alternatives. Using a camera or new generation smartphone, landlords can create contact-free content that showcases their rental while keeping everyone safe. Check out these showing alternatives below –

  • Photo Gallery Tour – The most basic way to reach potential clients is through high-quality photographs that showcase a rental unit. Landlords can quickly upload a gallery for clients to go through when it is convenient for them. While it only provides a one-dimensional view, quality photos are the first best step to reach clients.

  • Video Walkthrough Tour – Filming with a video camera or smartphone, landlords can move from room to room through the property to create a virtual tour. Many listing sites allow owners to upload these directly to the listing, and landlords can utilize narration to draw attention to various amenities.

  • Interactive Floor Plan Tours – Interactive floor plan tours are a great way to blend still photography with a property’s floorplan. Renters can virtually navigate through the unit to see photos of the various spaces throughout the property. However, this does not offer a 360 view but, it does upload quickly, offer viewer control, and provide a greater feel of the property layout.

  • Panoramic Tours – Panoramic tours use a series of photos or a short panning video to provide clients an unbroken view of the space. Therefore, this is a great way to showcase the entire room in a modern and professional manner. However, as far as showing alternatives go, panoramic tours are time-consuming to make and do not always translate to viewing on mobile devices.

5 Tips for Creating Virtual Showing Alternatives

Photographs and video tours are the best showing alternatives a landlord has. However, these options are only beneficial if they exhibit care and high-quality images that present the property in the best possible light. So, continue reading for some tips on creating professional-looking rental showing alternatives.

  1. Brighten Up – Bright spaces photograph better and make the rooms appear more open. So, use every bit of natural light and interior light you can. Furthermore, make sure you choose a lovely sunny day to complete a video walkthrough or take still photos.

  2. Get Perspective – Now is not the time for crazy or artsy angles. Instead, shoot from the angle of how a client would view the home. When taking photos, remember that vertical images translate better to mobile devices. However, a mix of horizontal and vertical will ensure the property is showcased to the fullest potential.

  3. Be Thorough – Do not skip over areas such as the basement or garage. Although they may not be the most attractive, these spaces offer great storage space for renters.

  4. Outdoor Living – An outdoor patio, fenced yard, or deck for entertaining are all great selling points for renters. Especially during the pandemic when many local hangout spots remain closed or restricted. So, highlight these areas in your virtual showing alternatives.

  5. Slow and Steady – When filming showing alternatives, move through spaces slowly showing rooms in order as a tenant would see them in-person. Furthermore, take time to pan the room before moving on.

How to Prepare for and Conduct In-Person Rental Showings During a Pandemic

When it comes time to open your rental home to in-person showings, keeping everyone safe is priority number one. That said, people will always need a place to live, and the rental industry has remained strong throughout the pandemic. Therefore, landlords should check for any local restrictions or recommendations they must follow before person-to-person contact. However, when showing alternatives just will not suffice, follow these tips below to conduct viewings safely and efficiently.

How to Prepare for In-Person Rental Property Showings

  • Do not hold open houses and instead require prospects to schedule an appointment.

  • Encourage prospects to take advantage of virtual showing alternatives before scheduling an in-person visit.

  • Send a list of qualifications to any interested parties ahead of time and use phone or email conversations to assess the applicant’s interest level.

  • Research any relevant local or state requirements for conducting in-person showings.

  • Ask prospects if they have been in contact with anyone showing symptoms of or diagnosed with COVID-19.

  • If the property is occupied, communicate with the existing tenants and schedule a mutually agreed upon time for the showing. Inform them of the steps you will be taking to help ensure everyone’s safety.

  • When the property is vacant, arrive early to open doors, open curtains, and turn on lights.

  • Continue to follow all Fair Housing Laws.

Limit the number of individuals who tour the property at any given time.

  • If the property is occupied, request that the current tenants remove themselves from the home during the showing.

  • Offer a friendly greeting to prospects, but do not shake hands.

  • Have disposable gloves and hand sanitizer ready for prospects to use before entering the property.

  • Require all individuals to wear a mask and maintain a 6-foot social distance.

  • Request that all prospects refrain from touching surfaces as much as possible.

How to Protect Yourself and Others After an In-Person Showing

  • Wrap up the showing and answer final questions outdoors where there is more airflow and additional room to social distance.

  • Do not handle any paper documents. Instead, provide prospects with electronic brochures, lists of qualifications, or applications to eliminate the risk of germs.

  • Wipe down all touched surfaces inside the home, such as doorknobs or light switches with disinfectant. Also, do not forget to wipe down the keys and lockbox!

  • Use hand sanitizer or wash your hands with soap and warm water for a minimum of 20 seconds.

  • Retain the contact information for any prospects that tour the home in case any health concerns arise.

The Stress-free Solution to Rental Management in a Pandemic

When unexpected circumstances arise, landlords must adapt and adapt quickly to keep up with changing regulations. But what if there was a better way? Choosing to partner with a local property management firm gives property owners the peace of mind that they will remain compliant no matter what challenges arise.

Our team ensures compliance with local regulations and provides the latest technology, and showing alternatives to efficiently rent your home while maintaining safety. Contact us today and learn more about the full-service options Overland Management has to offer.

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