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Ways To Beautify Your Rental

How can you beautify your rental?

Renting a home has its pros and cons when it comes to decorating. What you can and can’t do is noted very clearly when you sign your lease. Every Property Management company is different, and owners sometimes can have different rules based on their home. However, there are many little things as a renter that you can do to beautify your rental while you are living there. Just because your name isn’t on the mortgage doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel like this property isn’t your “home.” Here are just a couple of things you can do to feel good about


Nothing says decor like curtains. When you are looking to beautify your rental home, we suggest this is where you start. Whether you add a pattern to your room or give it a pop of color with curtains, adding window treatments can make all the difference.

Removable Wallpaper:

This has become a very trendy decor option. With Pinterest now, finding decor inspiration has changed laundry rooms and bathrooms across America. Now, removable wallpaper goes up with a simple peel and stick method, and with a simple spray of water, the sheets come right down without any damage to the walls. Just make sure you reach out to your property management company to verify if this is allowed or not before application.

Upgrading cabinet pulls/hardware:

Upgrading cabinet hardware can be a very inexpensive upgrade. You will want to make sure you are permitted to do this before you start. But, as long as you’re not drilling new holes in cabinets, replacing hardware and knobs around the house for a new updated/fresh look is something that can easily be changed out when you move and end your lease to return your rental to its original look. This update to beautify your rental can be a total game changer!


Before we even note this as an option when renting. Make sure you reach out to your property management company before doing any painting to your rental. Changing wall colors may or may not be allowed. Some owners don’t care if you paint your walls, as long as the walls are painted back to their original color when you move out and professionally done. If you find that this is the case, you will find a fresh coat of color on your walls that can make your home feel ten times more “yours.”


Whether it’s the front yard or backyard for entertaining that you are looking to beautify, it’s an excellent place to start. Understanding what you are responsible for as a renter and what the landlord is responsible for is the most critical place to start. However, simple things like mulch, flowers, and a wreath to hang on your front door to greet guests can make your home feel more inviting, not to just others, but to you every day you pull up in the driveway to your home.

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